Music Video

Yesterday Is Gone

This video was a long time in the making. In collaboration with Smokey Joe and the Kid, and Banzai Labs, we put together this great video filled with nostalgia and anticipation of a new tomorrow. Waahli is a member of Montreal’s Nomadic Massive and founder of Wyzah Musk Soap.
The video was shot at Montreal’s beautiful Casa Bianca

Director: Walid Kafi
Co-Director: Waahli Yussef
Camera: Walid Kafi
Assistant Camera: Mckean Phonsamreth
Producer: Michelle LeBlanc
Editing: Walid Kafi
Script: Waahli Yussef
Actors: Nicholas Palacios Hardy et Alejandro Sepulveda, Richenda Grazette, Michelle LeBlanc et Urancia

© Metro Creative / metrocreative


Music Video