Music Video

A Tribe Called Red

Metro Creative Director Walid Kafi teamed up with MC/Music Video Director Yassin ‘Narcy’ Alsalman, and Toronto production company Creative Dais.Together creating the powerful new video for Electric Pow Wow trio A TRIBE CALLED RED.

Filmed in Cape Town South Africa, this psychedelic video bends the boundaries between fantasy and reality. The video collapses cultural borders, being the first time, Native American, Middle Eastern, and African influences have combined into one song. Narcy explained to THE FADER in interview, “It’s an important breaking in culture, we are coming together to counter the narratives built around the history of our communities and showing the power of our people combined. It feels like the beginning of something new and old, the rebirth after many injustices.”

The song R.E.D. is being released on A Tribe Called Red’s latest album Halluci Nation, and features rapper Yasiin Bey ‘f.k.a Mos Def’, MC Yassin ‘Narcy’ Alsalman, and the drum group Black Bear. The song has launched on THE FADER July 21st, the music video launched August 17th on PITCHFORK!

© Images by Walid Kafi – Metro Creative


Music Video


A Tribe Called RED