Chobi Bryant

Music Video

Chobi Bryant

Jassem and Haydar face off in this over-the-top sequel to Narcy’s 2015 music video Makoo, which was directed by Hala Alsalman. Set in Boustan, a notable late-night Montreal shawarma shop, Narcy plays Jassem, a washed up YouTube star who is trying to make life work in his cousin’s restaurant. When left alone to man the shop for the first time, his moment to shine is dampened by the arrival of Haydar, his online rival. A hilarious dance-off ensues, and to the victor go the spoils. At the time of release, Chobi Bryant previewed on The Fader online.

Directed by Narcy
Produced by We Are The Medium
A collaboration of Metro Creative and DTO Films.
This clip was produced with the financial assistance of MUCHFact, a division of Bell Media Inc.

Line Producer: Michelle LeBlanc
DOP: Walid Kafi
Camera Assistant: Vincent Price

© Metro Creative / Metro Creative

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Client Chobi Bryant