Commercial Video Production Services in Montreal

Our team has worked with world renowned companies/organizations such as Lincoln, Ray Ban, Canadian Government, British Embassy, British Council, CNN, PBS, Huffington Post, BBC, Hypebeast, Spotify. Uber Eats etc. Thus, we will make sure to give your business the exposure it deserves.

With an award-winning team at your disposal combined with a sound marketing strategy in mind, expect only the highest industry standard content and beyond.

All our videos include at least one model/actor of your choice from our wide repertoire, an urban location and would all be filmed with the highest quality equipment in the film industry.


Have your taste buds ever tingle just by watching mouth watering food advertisements? Well, this is the experience we would like your clients to experience when they come across your videos!

Based in Montreal Canada, food is part of our culture. We’re proud to say that we’ve been able to help many restaurants and food businesses achieve their goals over the years. Just like a passionate chef, we are constantly looking for new ways to perfect our craft. Seeing a smile on a customer’s face brings immense joy to us.

We will film any recipes in any style you wish with any ingredients you choose. You bring the recipe and we bring the cameras!

You are not in Montreal? No problem, we often work remotely as well. Our highly efficient team will collaborate with a local chef and a food stylist to bring out the essence of your unique recipe. This is not only a viable option but also a very popular choice on our menu! since it is very efficient and we will always make sure you feel like you were sitting at the VIP table with us.