Cinematic Packages




30 Seconds
Video Editing
Drone Shots
1 Actor Included
Music/Sound Design & Mixing

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45 Seconds
Video Editing
Drone Shots
2 Actors Included
Music/Sound Design & Mixing

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$10 350USD

75 Seconds
Video Editing
Drone Shots
Special Effects
4 Actors Included
Music/Sound Design & Mixing

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Director’s Cut



Everyone has a story, What’s yours?
You are a co-director
You are a co-producer
You dream, we produce
Cinematic Quality
All filmed by us
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me an estimated cost on a video shoot?

Absolutely! Every video production project is different – the cost could literally be the difference of a few zeros on the end of the number depending on the needs. When you ask us for a proposal and budget, we’ll ask the appropriate questions to create an estimate.

I’m an agency, do you do white label work?

We always up for some super secret undercover video work! We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again. We’ve worked with some awesome brand agencies on really high-visibility and high-priority projects before, and it’s been a blast.

We have content (footage, b-roll, music, etc.), can you work with it?

We can work with anything. When it comes to video editing, we’re cinema wizards – this is also something that we’ve done before, and do quite frequently.

I know i want a video, but i have no ideas. can you guys think of one?

Totally! In fact, most of our clients hire us for the creative process before we even price out the video project!

I know exactly what I want my video like, can you make it happen?

Not a problem! You’re the client after all, so we’ll do whatever is needed to get the job done. We will absolutely give our professional recommendation based on best practices and trends to give you the best guidance.

I need a video for my product, should I send it to you?

Yes you should. We will give you our address and you decide if you want it returned or if we should keep it for future projects.