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An Interview with Wyzah Musk Founder Waahli Yussef

Wyzah Musk Soap bars

   Before Wyzah Musk Soap officially existed as a company, I was making soap for about 8 years. When I began, I wanted to know what ingredients made soap, their properties and what makes it lather. I felt it was important to understand the process, I like to know what ingredients I use on my skin. I also want to raise consumers’ awareness of what we use on our skin. Initially, I’d asked “what is saponification?”, well, it’s the reaction created when mixing sodium hydroxide with oils at the same temperature. was surprised to learn that these were amongst the basic ingredients required to make soap.

What ingredients go into my soap?

   My recipe consists of these ingredients; demineralized water, oils and sodium hydroxide, then I add natural colour, fragrance and essential oils, every ingredient use are natural and organic. The oils that I use to make this soap is good for most types of skin, some of my customers have eczema and they find it soothing. It took a bit of time to perfect my recipe; I experimented until I found one that was good for the people using my product, and myself. Since then, I now also make beard oil, room spray, pomade and liquid hand soap.

Why is Wyzah Musk Soap special?

   Firstly, it is my combination of essential oils and the ideas are coming from me, secondly it is all-natural. I use no chemicals or animal fats, it also lathers a lot, my secret soap recipe lathers a lot unlike other natural soaps.  A soap that lathers is important to a lot of people, without it they don’t feel like they are getting clean, although soap can clean perfectly even if it doesn’t lather much.

It’s certain ingredients that I use that makes it lather, but I can’t say it cuz it’s my secret recipe.

What scents do I work with?

   Right now I have 12 different ‘flavors’ of soap bars, and they are unisex. My soaps go from spicy, to flower, to citrus ; basically I have combinations of soap like cinnamon/bergamot, clover bud/rosemary, Spanish orange/lemon, and coco lavender/vanilla which is a soft smell. I have eucalyptus/peppermint, that has eucalyptus leaves to exfoliate and stimulate the respiratory tract while the mint makes the skin tingle a bit. I have ylang ylang/clove bud which is supposed to be a an aphrodisiac. Also classic lavender for its nostalgic smell which is very soothing.

Wyzah Musk beard oil

What started the beard oil line?

   Beard oils started a couple years ago when I started the branding process of Wyzah Musk Soap. I have always had a beard and people are wearing them more and more.  People wonder, “Why beard oil?” “What is beard oil?” It is designed to moisturise the skin under your beard, it makes it clean, healthy, and makes it shiny after a shower. I have one recipe called the « Bohemian » – a mix of vetiver, bergamot, juniper, pine, and patchouli, also the « Nightowl » which is a mixed of cedarwood, lavender and rosemary. My scents goes from very woodsy/nature like to more citrus/fruity.

People wonder “Why beard oil?” “What is beard oil?”


What was one of the difficulties in my journey?

Figuring out how to brand my soap company was difficult, yet the answer was right in front of me for many years! I knew that I wanted a nice branding that would set me apart and added some originality.

One day I was in an antique print shop in Toronto, they had little wooden blocks with letters on them for printing. I bought all individual letters for my name brand, -Wyzah Musk- I used them as props at fairs. However, I still needed to properly brand my company before I could expand. I couldn’t call people just to tell them I make bars of soap. So one day, I was seeking feedback from a friend who is a graphic designer and he suggested I send him a picture of the wooden block letters, with his graphic design skills he put them all together and created the Wyzah Musk logo and this is how it came to be.

What is my soap making process?

   When I make soap I like to put on music, the energy of the music will help me put that energy into the recipe I am creating. At the same time, the music helps me focus and the process is quite meditative. I have to be prepared; I weigh all ingredients to be sure they are the exact amount. At the same time, I am thinking of who potentially is going to love this soap recipe? Are they going to be happy? A lot of love goes in as I make it. I appreciate all the steps, so hopefully the customer appreciates the end product. This is something that makes my soap making process interesting and nice to me.

Wyzah Musk stamp

A lot of love goes in as I make it.

   The name Wyzah comes from my old MC name, it means wisdom. Musk, comes from the actual animal secretion formerly used by some perfume companies for their pheromone properties, thinking their product would have the same effect on people. So the name is just a play on that, although I don’t use any musk in my recipes.

What are some business hurdles I’ve faced?

   People need soap, but they don’t buy soap all the time, so sales are mostly seasonal. Valentines Day, Christmas etc. To make a successful and viable business I need a bigger team, right now I have one person working with me. However, I want grow slowly, take my time and be conscience of my investments.
Wyzah Musk handmade

My advise to anyone looking to start a small business, start slow.

My advice to anyone looking to start a small business, start slow. It is important to find originality, study the market and maintain a main job while you transition. Be very knowledgeable about your product, because people will ask you about it and you want to share exactly what your product is all about. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to put money if you believe in your business, it will come back.

My name is Waahli, I am the founder of Wyzah Musk Soap, I am also a musician and beatmaker for Nomadic Massive.






Video Director – Walid Kafi

Video Producer – Michelle LeBlanc

Music Composer – Waahli



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