Philippe VanEetvelt


Philippe Van Eetvelt can not paint without music, this realisation sparked a desire to connect music with the visual arts. Beginning by meticulously constructing an intricate colour box, Philippe married each key on a piano to a colour which is activated by each keystroke. As the piano player controls the keyboard, Philippe controls the position of the colour box over a canvas, thereby adding his artistic interpretation. The result is a unique concert of artwork between painter and pianist. The visual outcome is created by a direct connection between the artist and the musician. With the style and intensity of the pianist directly translating into the art, as the pianist fills the keyboard, the colours fill the canvas.

Philippe hopes his performance piece will inspire the idea that anything can be connected, and that people should believe, dream and see that anything is possible.



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Director & DOP – Walid Kafi
Production Assistant Michelle LeBlanc
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Category Documentary

Client Philippe Van Eetvelt